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Winter maintenance knowledge of the brush cutter

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The brush cutter is a kind of garden machinery. It is used for woodland cleaning, young forest tending, secondary forest transformation and forest tending felling to cut shrubs, weeds, pruning, cutting trails, cutting bamboo and other operations. The brush cutter is equipped with some The replaced additional devices or equipment can also be used for harvesting crops such as rice and wheat, as well as pumping water, drilling holes, and spraying pesticides. Winter has arrived, and many people don't know how to maintain the brush cutter. Today I will tell you about it.


Winter maintenance of brush cutter

When the brush cutter is stored for more than 30 days in winter:

First, drain the fuel in the fuel tank and start the gasoline engine until it stops due to fuel exhaustion;

Secondly, just in the warm state of the engine just shut down, first drain the oil in the crankcase, and then add new oil to the appropriate scale according to the recommended level;

Third, remove the spark plug, drip 5-10 ml of oil into the cylinder, rotate the crankshaft several times, and install the spark plug;

Fourth, clean the dust and debris around the cutter head, machine body, cylinder block, cylinder head radiator, air duct, net cover and muffler;

Fifth, it should be placed horizontally on the ground during storage and covered with a cloth to prevent dust from falling into the lawn mower.

Sixth, clean the lawn mower thoroughly. Before leaving the lawn mower for a long time in winter, thoroughly clean the bottom of the lawn mower, the deck and the fuel tank cover to prevent the residual weeds and mud from eroding the agricultural machinery. Before cleaning, remove the spark plug and the opening device, and use hoses, putty knives, and car cleaners to remove accumulated impurities from the landing gear and deck. Use a brush to remove the deposits on the vent of the mailbox to avoid blocking the vent.

Seventh, remove oil stains. If oil stains are in contact with the equipment for a long time, a chemical reaction will occur, causing the paint on the surface of the equipment to peel off, so it must be removed in time. When removing oil stains, first spray the degreaser on the oil stained area of the equipment, let it stand for 10-15 minutes, then wipe it clean with a towel, and finally rinse it with water.

Eighth, prevent rust on the exposed part of the lawn mower. Lubricant can be used to spray the exposed parts of the lawn mower, which can effectively prevent rust. Keep the lawn mower in a dry place.

Ninth, check the vulnerable parts regularly. Develop the habit of regularly checking vulnerable parts and replace damaged parts in time. This not only improves the working performance of the lawn mower, but also eliminates safety hazards.

Maintenance of various parts of the brush cutter

If it is a two-stroke brush cutter, attention should be paid to power, transmission and cutting tools during use to ensure the normal use of the machine.

1. Engine

(1) If the engine is a two-stroke engine, the fuel used is a mixture of gasoline and engine oil, and the mixture ratio is two-stroke special engine oil: gasoline=1:25. The gasoline should be above No. 90, and the engine oil should be two-stroke engine oil. The symbol is 2T. You must use brand-name engine oil. It is best to use special engine oil. Four-stroke engine oil is strictly prohibited. Please dispense oil strictly according to the oil dispenser attached to the machine, not arbitrarily according to estimates. The mixed oil is best prepared for immediate use, and it is strictly prohibited to use the mixed oil that has been stored for a long time.

(2) Before the machine works, run it at low speed for a few minutes before working. When the machine is working, use the high speed throttle normally. After each tank of oil work, you should rest for 10 minutes, and clean the heat sink of the machine after each work to ensure heat dissipation.

(3) The spark plug should be removed every 25 hours of use, and the dust on the electrode should be brushed with a wire, and the electrode gap should be adjusted to 0.6-0.7mm.

(4) The air filter removes dust every 25 hours of use, and the dust should be more frequent. The foam filter element is cleaned with gasoline or washing liquid and water, squeezed to dry, and then soaked in oil, squeezed out the excess oil to install. If "DON NOT OIL" is printed, there is no need to add oil.

(5) Every 50 hours of use of the muffler, remove the muffler and clean up the carbon deposits on the exhaust port and the muffler outlet.

(6) The fuel filter (suction head) removes impurities every 25 hours.

Two, Transmission part

Replenish grease to the gearbox (working head) every 25 hours, and at the same time refill the joint between the upper part of the drive shaft and the clutch disc.

Three, the tool part

The length of the nylon cable head should be controlled, not more than 15 cm. The blade must be installed upright and balanced.

Fourth, use safety

Before operation, check whether the parts of the brush cutter are firmly installed, and no people or animals are allowed to move within 20 meters. Be sure to check whether there are angle irons, stones and other debris on the grass, and remove the debris on the grass.

Five, storage

When storing, you must clean the body, drain the mixed fuel, and burn the fuel in the vaporizer; remove the spark plug, add 1-2ml of two-stroke oil to the cylinder, pull the starter 2-3 times, and install the spark plug.

Six, Precautions for adding oil

The oil lubricates all parts of the machine in the cylinder. The oil splash wheel is used to continuously splash the oil to clean, lubricate and cool all parts of the machine. If too much oil is added, it will cause A large amount of emulsification and bubbles can not splash the oil, which can not play the role of lubrication and increase the temperature of the cylinder. Therefore, the lawn mower cannot be over-filled with oil during use.

Finally, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection or replacement of the vulnerable parts of the brush cutter. Periodic maintenance is more important. Special attention must be paid to the winter maintenance of the brush cutter to avoid damage and affect the use of the next year.

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