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What causes the chainsaw to pull the cylinder?

source : UANBUY    Author :    Time : 1-11-2020

The chainsaw is an indispensable tool in the logging industry. A good chainsaw can make the whole work process smoother and the efficiency will be greatly improved, but the chainsaw may appear like this after a long time. Among such problems, the chainsaw pulling the cylinder is a big problem. Today, I will mainly explain why the chainsaw pulls the cylinder? What causes the chainsaw to pull the cylinder?

A. Insufficient lubrication

On the side of the exhaust port of the chainsaw, the hottest part has linear pull marks.

1. The ratio of the oil content in the mixed oil is too low, resulting in insufficient lubrication.

2. Improper adjustment of the carburetor, too thin fuel ratio, resulting in insufficient lubrication.

3. Too many attachments on the cylinder fins affect heat dissipation.

4. The speed is too high (the carburetor is adjusted too thin or the power tightness is not tight).

5. Abnormal heating causes excessive expansion of the piston at the exhaust port, causing pull marks.

B. Cylinder pulling caused by carbon deposits

1. Excessive carbon deposits.

Carbon deposits are deposited in the combustion chamber of the cylinder block and the top of the piston, causing carbon deposits:

(1) Use low-quality two-stroke engine oil or other non-air-cooled two-stroke engine oil or four-stroke engine oil;

(2) The mixing ratio of engine oil in the fuel is too high;

(3) The engine is overheated, and the temperature is too high to carbonize the oil in the exhaust port;

(4) The spark plug is used improperly, the calorific value of the spark plug is too small, and it is easy to produce tar and coke.

2. Sometimes the piston ring is stuck.

3. There are traces of strain on the exhaust side.

C. inhalation of foreign bodies

1. The edge of the ring groove is severely worn;

2. Surface wear, dark gray surface;

3. Wear on one side of the air inlet;

4. There is a problem with the air filter: it needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly.

D. water enters

1. There are surface wear marks on the air inlet;

2. The impact part of the inhalation is at the lower part of the piston ring.

Reason: Water or rain and snow enter the cylinder through the air filter and carburetor, washing off the lubricating oil film.

E. the cylinder is overheated

There is a scratch on the hottest part on the side of the exhaust port.

the reason:

(1) The piston excessively expands on the side of the exhaust port due to overheating;

(2) There are too many attachments on the cooling fins of the cylinder, causing overheating;

(3) The air cooling channel is blocked.

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