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The maintenance and contraindications of UANBUY Chainsaw

source : UANBUY    Author :    Time : 10-10-2020

A chain saw is a hand saw powered by a gasoline engine. It is mainly used for logging and lumbering. Its working principle is to cut through the transverse movement of the interlaced L-shaped blades on the saw chain. So, what operating rules should be paid attention to when using chain saw? How to maintain the chain saw when not in use? Today, I will mainly tell you about the maintenance and use taboos and safe operating procedures of the Creep chain saw.


It is strictly forbidden for the operator to hard hit the throttle when the chain saw is unloaded or overloaded, causing abnormal wear of the cylinder piston and piston ring of the chain saw engine, or even pulling the cylinder and causing the chain saw to be scrapped.

If the workmanship of the chain saw is rough or the old chain saw is not airtight or worn due to the cylinder piston and piston ring, the fuel mixing ratio can be adjusted appropriately, and it can be used as 25:1; the thicker the oil is not the better, too thick is easy to produce Carbon deposits will damage the piston and piston ring of the chain saw cylinder.

Continuous use of the chain saw for too long will easily cause the engine temperature to become too high. It is recommended to stop the engine for 15-20 minutes every 1 hour or so to avoid overheating or overloading the engine, which may cause the engine to pull cylinders or become scrapped.

Check the air filter and clean the filter element of the air filter before each use of the chain saw. Clean up the dust and debris in time. If any damage is found, replace it in time to avoid engine pulling or scrapping due to poor air intake quality.

Since the two-stroke engine does not have a special lubrication system, it is lubricated by the oil in the fuel, so when preparing fuel and refueling the chain saw, you must ensure that the fuel is clean and dust-free. Before and after refueling, clean the oil port and the oil tank of the chain saw in time. The cover is clean and dust-free; the dust and debris entering the fuel will cause the engine to pull the cylinder or even scrap it.

It is necessary to check whether the guide plate is bent and the chain is pinched from time to time to avoid sudden engine shutdown and cylinder pulling; calcium-based grease or high-temperature grease is recommended for parts that require grease lubrication. Ordinary car lithium-based grease is not suitable for use Chainsaw.

The spark plug should be replaced on time according to the instructions on the chain saw manual. It is necessary to use high-quality spark plugs. Inferior spark plugs produce weak sparks, so that the power of fuel deflagration is small, and it is not easy to exert the power of the engine, which will make fuel combustion incomplete and make the cylinder Carbon deposits occur, causing accidents such as cylinder pulling and engine scrapping.

It is recommended to purchase gasoline of No. 93 or above at large gas stations. It is not recommended to purchase oil from private gas stations. The quality of gasoline is often ignored by users. Inferior gasoline has complex components and is prone to carbon deposits and cause cylinder pull.

When the work is completed, do not use the chain saw for a long time. Pour out the unused fuel in the chain saw and store it in a spare oil bottle. The next time you use it, it must be mixed evenly before adding it to the fuel tank.

1. Before using the chain saw for the first time, you must read all the operating instructions. Failure to comply with the safety rules of the chain saw will result in life danger.

2. Minors are not allowed to use chain saws.

3. Children, pets, onlookers and other irrelevant personnel should stay away from the work site to prevent trees from falling and hurting them.

4. The personnel who use the chain saw must be in good physical condition, well rested, healthy, and in good mental state, and take a break in time. They cannot use the chain saw after drinking alcohol.

5. Don't work alone, and keep a proper distance from others in order to rescue in time in an emergency.

6. Wear tight-fitting anti-cutting protective work clothes and corresponding labor protection supplies, such as helmets, protective glasses, sturdy labor protection gloves, non-slip labor protection shoes, etc., and wear brightly colored vests.

7. Do not wear work coats, skirts, scarves, ties and jewelry. These items may be entangled in twigs and become dangerous.

8. The engine should be turned off during the transportation of the chain saw, and the chain protection cover should be put on.

9. Don't modify the chain saw without authorization, so as not to endanger personal safety.

10. Chain saws can only be given to or lent to people who know how to use chain saws, and the instructions for use should be attached.

11. Be careful not to approach the machine when using it to prevent burns from the hot muffler and other hot machine parts.

12. When the engine is hot and there is no fuel during work, stop it for 15 minutes and refuel after the engine has cooled down. The engine must be turned off before refueling, no smoking or spilling gasoline.

13. Only refuel the chain saw in a well-ventilated place. Once gasoline spills, clean the chain saw immediately. Do not get gasoline on work clothes, and replace them immediately.

14. Check the operating safety of the chain saw before starting.

15. When starting the chain saw, keep a distance of more than three meters from the refueling place.

16. Do not use a chain saw in a closed room. When the chain saw works, the engine will emit colorless and odorless carbon monoxide toxic gas. When working in ditches, grooves or narrow areas, sufficient air circulation must be ensured.

17. Do not smoke when using the chain saw or near the chain saw to prevent fire.

18. The working height should not be higher than the operator's shoulders, and absolutely can not saw several branches at the same time; do not lean forward too much when working.

19. When working, be sure to hold the chain saw with two hands, stand firm, and watch out for danger. Do not work on unstable foundations, stand on ladders and work on trees, and do not hold a saw in one hand for work.

20. Do not allow foreign objects to enter the chain saw. For example, stones, nails and other objects will be thrown to damage the chain, and the chain saw will be bounced and injured.

21. Pay attention to the adjustment of the idle speed and ensure that the chain cannot follow the rotation after releasing the throttle. When the chain saw blade is not trimming branches or shifting the operating point, please keep the chain saw throttle in the idle position.

22. Chain saws can only be used for logging, not for shoveling branches or roots and other operations.

23. When maintaining and repairing the chain saw, be sure to turn off the engine and remove the spark plug high-voltage wire.

24. It is forbidden to use chain saws in severe weather such as strong wind, heavy rain, heavy snow or heavy fog.

25. Danger warning signs should be set up around the chain saw operation point, and irrelevant personnel should be kept away from 15 meters away.

Everyone must pay attention to safety when using the chain saw, and at the same time do a good job in the maintenance of the chain saw to extend the service life of the chain saw.

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