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Methods to prevent brush cutters from polluting the environment

source : UANBUY    Author :    Time : 8-6-2022

Lawn mowing does not appear to be associated with air pollution. However, according to the Journal of the American Chemical Society, one hour of mowing is equivalent to driving more than 100 miles. Lawn equipment, including brush cutters, chainsaws, leaf blowers and hedge trimmers, pose a significant threat to the atmosphere.

1. Fuel leaks: the leading cause of brush cutters pollution

Careless and incorrect refueling is often cited as one of the main causes of increased brush cutter pollution from brush cutters. This problem is not only related to contamination of brush cutters. Lawn tractors, brush cutters, chippers, row cultivators, log splitters and leaf blowers, more than 17 million gallons of fuel spilled each year Spilled fuel can cause serious ozone problems when it evaporates in the summer.

One way to prevent spills is to use a spill-proof tank. Metal tanks with splash-proof spouts help prevent unwanted spills. Careful handling and handling of gasoline can also help.

2. Methods to prevent environmental pollution

To avoid environmental pollution from brush cutters, consider the following maintenance tips:

To maximize equipment efficiency, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for regular maintenance.

Change the oil and replace or clean the air filter regularly, and check the equipment regularly.

Make sure the blade is sharp and in good condition to prevent the motor from running for a long time.

To increase efficiency and reduce drag, mower decks should be cleaned from the bottom.

Check the type of mower engine. In a two-stroke engine, the mixing ratio of oil and fuel must be correct. Most lawn tools are equipped with two-stroke engines, which are more powerful than four-stroke car engines. . When you use the wrong ratio of oil to fuel, engine efficiency decreases and pollution increases. Four-stroke engines are more efficient, pollute less, and offer great value for money. So, consider opting for the four-stroke variety.

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