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Frequently Asked Questions about Gasoline Brush Cutter Equipment

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The brush cutter is a tool for garden decoration and pruning. It can make the grass green and pruning more beautiful, and its work efficiency is very high, it will not harm the seedlings, and it can also be used as a harvester and so on. So when the gasoline brush cutter equipment has a problem, how do you solve it? Today I will tell you some of the most common problems with brush cutters.

What are the reasons that often cause the mower to pull the cylinder?

Cylinder pulling can be said to be a common and major failure of brush cutter engines. There are many reasons for this failure. The most important thing is that the oil must maintain the purity and proper quantity of the oil, so that the piston can move in the cylinder under the lubrication of the oil. Smooth, dirty, too much or too little oil will cause poor lubrication and cause cylinder pulling. It is especially important to check the oil before the mower is used.

How to judge the cylinder pulling phenomenon of a two-stroke brush cutter engine?

If the cylinder is pulled inside the cylinder to die, you only need to check the piston, usually caused by the following geometric reasons:

A. Serious carbon deposits on the top of the piston and around the ring are mainly caused by the use of bad engine oil, such as the use of four-stroke engine oil or diesel engine oil or poor-quality two-stroke engine oil.

B. The exhaust side of the piston pulls the cylinder air filter that is dirty, garbage blocks the carburetor fuel device, the adjustment is too small or the oil is added to the fuel too little, so that the concentration of gas entering the cylinder is reduced, due to the leakage of the paper pad insulator, etc. Insufficient lubrication makes it easy to pull the cylinder at high temperature.

C. The lower side of the piston's air intake port is basically drawn into the cylinder, such as rain and snow, the water enters the cylinder from the air filter, so that the lubricating oil film is mixed with water, making the piston suction side Lack of lubricating oil film on the lower side, after high-speed operation, heat will cause cylinder pulling.

D. The air intake side of the piston pulls the cylinder because garbage enters from the air filter. The main reasons are:

The filter element is forgotten; damaged; often not cleaned.

Why do we need to clean and replace the mower air filter regularly?

The air filter element prevents dust from entering the cylinder body and avoids the premature wear of the machine parts after the dust enters the cylinder body. It should be cleaned frequently and replaced at a fixed time. The dust in the air pump will be deposited on the air filter element, reducing the air intake. , Combustion mixing ratio increases, resulting in incomplete combustion and power reduction. Working in this way for a long time will cause carbon deposits and aggravate the wear between the cylinder and pistons. The carbon deposits in the cylinder will cause the cylinder to pull. The machine power loss should be cleaned in time. , Replace the filter element to ensure the normal operation of the machine. At the same time, the outer wall of the machine cylinder should be cleaned frequently to ensure its heat dissipation effect, otherwise it will also increase the wear of the machine.

What should I do if the connecting rod of the brush cutter gasoline engine breaks or the cylinder body breaks at the same time?

Failure performance:

The contact surface of the crankshaft and the connecting rod bites the connecting rod and the contact surface of the crankshaft has traces of strain.

cause of issue:

There is no or lack of lubricating oil, causing the contact surface (the inner surface of the connecting rod and even the surface of the crankshaft) to melt and strain at high temperature.

Failure analysis:

Lubricating oil (gasoline engine oil) is not added, or lubricating oil is added but not in place, or lubricating oil is added in place but the machine is used at an improper angle, causing the oil splash wheel to not reach the oil, and the contact surface of the crankshaft and connecting rod is not lubricated Oil or lack of lubricating oil causes the contact surface to be non-lubricated; the other is no cooling. Under normal circumstances, if it is at the rated operating speed, the crankshaft and connecting rod will be seized within a few minutes due to the above reasons, causing the connecting rod to break and crack the cylinder. The above problems will also occur when counterfeit and inferior engine oil is added.

Analysis basis:

1. All internal combustion engines, crankshaft and connecting rod seizure (or called seizure) are caused by lack of oil.

2. Sometimes the oil stored in the machine damaged by the user has no traces of wear debris, indicating that there is no oil or the amount of oil is too small to reach the level of the oil splash wheel, or the oil in the machine is the oil added after the accident did not participate in lubrication, so It is still clear, no wear debris (gray-black oil).

3. There is another situation. Although there is enough oil, but when used on a slope greater than 25 degrees, the oil splash wheel cannot reach the oil due to the excessive inclination angle, and the above-mentioned failure or other parts strain (or lock) may occur. , Accelerated wear.


If you have objections to the above analysis, you can consult a professional.

Why does the drawstring rebound when the brush cutter starts?

Early ignition time is the cause of the failure, usually because the blade hits a hard object when cutting the grass, causing the flywheel to be cut. At this time, the faulty machine should be overhauled.

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