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Common faults and solutions of chainsaws

source : UANBUY    Author :    Time : 20-10-2020

If the chainsaw is used for a long time or the maintenance is not in place, it will inevitably fail. When the chainsaw fails, how do you solve it? Today I will tell you a few common faults and solutions for chainsaws.

1. The chainsaw cannot be started

Check whether there is water in the fuel or unqualified mixed oil is used. Solution: Replace with suitable fuel.

Check for water in the engine cylinder. Solution: Remove and dry the spark plug and then pull the starter again.

Check the spark intensity. Solution: Replace with a new spark plug or adjust the motor ignition gap.

2. The power of the chainsaw is insufficient

Check whether there is water in the fuel or unqualified mixed oil is used. Solution: Replace with suitable fuel.

Check if the air filter and fuel filter are blocked. Solution: clear it.

Check whether the carburetor is improperly adjusted. Solution: readjust the chainsaw carburetor.

3. The chainsaw does not produce oil

Check whether there is oil of quality that does not meet specifications. Solution: just change the oil.

Check whether the oil passage and port are blocked. Solution: clear it.

Check whether the oil filter is placed properly in the oil tank. Excessive bending of the oil pipe causes the oil circuit to be blocked or the oil filter is blocked. Solution: Place as required to ensure normal oil absorption.

4. High temperature flameout of chainsaw

(1) Ventilation problem. Mainly because the crankcase and plastic parts are not well ventilated, resulting in poor ventilation of the carburetor parts and high temperature stalls. Solution: ventilation. For example, an air shroud is added to the magnetic flywheel or the channel between the magnetic flywheel and the carburetor on the crankcase can be opened to increase the ventilation. Or replace with a better ventilated box cover and air filter cover kit.

(2) The carburetor has low temperature resistance. Solution: add heat insulation paper pad, ventilate, clean or replace the carburetor.

(3) The coil/high voltage package is not resistant to high temperature. Solution: Replace directly.

(4) Poor exhaust of the muffler leads to high temperature. Solution: Clear the muffler or replace the muffler with a larger exhaust hole (note: the number of holes does not necessarily mean faster discharge, the double-hole large hole on the market will be better than the three-hole small hole).

(5) The oil seal and the negative pressure pipe (balanced air pipe) are not resistant to high temperature, which shows air leakage when the temperature is high. Solution: Replace the oil seal and negative pressure pipe (balanced air pipe) with good quality.

(6) Three parts of the cylinder: the material of at least one of the three parts of the cylinder, piston and piston ring is not acceptable. Solution: Replace the chainsaw cylinder.

chainsaw cylinder

5. Chainsaw for speed

Check the cylinder gasket, carburetor gasket, valve body, intake pipe, oil seal. Solution: Replace.

6. Chain saw without high speed

The carburetor is clogged, the filter is clogged, and the muffler is clogged. Check whether the machine is pulling the cylinder or powering off. Solution: clean the carburetor, filter head, muffler or replace. Creep chainsaws are of high quality and durable, so you can buy them.

By analyzing and understanding the problems encountered during the combustion process of the chainsaw, let us better understand the performance of the chainsaw. Only when the performance of the chainsaw is well known and mastered, can the work efficiency and quality be improved, so as to truly achieve the purpose of saving labor and reducing costs.

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